(english version) Inspired by "Breadline" und "Ecstasy" by Megadeth Monday morning, the sun burns, life whirls and somehow all is lost. All the voices around me and still it′s only silence there. I see so much, see nothing, gaze into the light as it gets me without mercy. The screeching tires, the peoples screams , as the car is pushing me away, out of my needless life into the darkness, where my soul still screams. I hope for one second, as my body flows through eternity, my blood pumps a last time through my ateries, for rest in peace However, whats waiting on the other side, is much more worse, than the everyday wakeups, full of pain in soul and heart. It all started some months ago at the corner of Winston, where that guy is still walking around the blocks, offering you the stuff. I′m sure, this one or that one, you see in TV, as they talk again about drug victims, was a customer of Riddler or Stone; - whatever they call themselves. Their faces are smooth and perfect ′cause they have taken away your innocence! They are smiling at you, give you the pills, after the dollar bills change the owner, and bang you are in the void like me. They are still grining, as you stroll away with the stuff in your hands, which will soon poison your venes, ready to end your life. The time is passing on, when the night is your friend, as it′s pulling you into a world of wonders, eternity and than… yes, again there′s pain. Your sorrows crumble to thoughts without any sense, but nothing is as it seems. Your friends maybe laugh at you, leaving you behind. That girl in your class next to you hates you for that. She saw a man, a boy with a future, dreams, but now she sees only death darkening your eyes. She comes to you, smiles and than, she lifts her hand, ′cause that's all she still can do. As her hand colides with your skin, something snaps in you, tingling memories, but the key to your heart is lost. Death is playing with drugs in your venes. I know you, I see you, I′ll get you! These are his words, as your soul is freeing itself, breaking free from all the poison and chemicals, but truth avoids you. Death has you on his list. You are just a word, a number, nothing more. Why? That′s an easy one: Your time is up! Where are all the people, who watch you in the undergound train? Do they say anything or do they leave you alone with your madness? NO! It′s nothing of their business, nobody cares about you, it doesn't matter if you sit there and cry. I have seen such things allready, all that happened to me too and I only can warn you. There are things, which you can′t guess. Only death is as sure as life. Don′t throw it away, just like this! Start with what you have, right now, there′s no time for rest! There are excuses enough. Fear, doubts, weekness and the lack of bravery. But it is that stuff, which kills you, takes away what you are searching for, what you need. Nobody is listening to you, because its over my friend! "Now or never", says the man as he′s towering over you in the purest light, while your heart is fighting through the deathrow. "But it′s not like that! No! No…" Your screams are full of anger. Isn′t there anyone who can understand, how it is, as everyone kicks you, takes away your hope? "Oh yeah", says the weird guy, "I can." "I′ve felt it too. I′m a lost soul, but I want to warn you of what is waiting at the end of the battle, where the last decission awaits. Still it′s your heart which pumps in your chest, ready to dare the last step into life, but this chemical waste will destroy you! Blood pours around you on the asphalt. Than the screams are silence. "I′m with you, help you, urge you to a take the last chance. Be brave! But you are the guy, who has to lead. If all seems lost, if all is like thousand voices shouting in your face, than scream! Scream right from the bottom of your heart!" "Wait, wait… that isn′t it…!", you begin again. "I know you won′t feel sorry!", says the stranger, angel or guardian to the gate, where fields of dying fogret-me-nots are awaiting you. Than all stands still, the clock of your life starts winding back. You see the people leaving. But still, you will not feel sorry... Awaking in a hopsital bed, full in white, pushed back into life, shines the sun on you. You start to search after the stranger, who has given you your life back. You have no idea what the new, fresh day offers, but you are sure, an angel heard your pleadings. Days pass on, pain comes back. However, nobody fights down your power of life. May they see what you can do! After a month of refreshment, new plans and first success, you see the girl besides you in the train. You smile at her, she smiles back and you know, this means luck. "I′m rid of it.", you say and she nods. "I have prayed…", she tells you, as you understand, it was her guardian angel, who she send to bring you back. All that comes together, as lucks hands are holding you peacefull. With a kiss on her lipps, the glimmering in her eyes, you start to trust again. Death is flattened, as there where you had to die, a note awaits him. You see it in a dream and get the message. "YOU LOST!" is written on the paper.
Ecstasy (english version)(2007) -
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Ecstasy (A story inspired by two songs of MEGADETH)
english version
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