The pain inside my heart

I close my eyes to forget I tried to run away Tried everything What should I say? I stop to breath At least I try But than I just cry What should be there to reach? Pain inside my heart Ache every moment I think About you, always just you And I'm just falling apart Why can't we start again And have a certain chance That we find us again And stay together But there is only rain The heart I have is nothing worth, If it can't beat for you, every time, I know it's not fair I can't explain everything I did But we all have our reasons And you give me some to cry I just lay there in the silence Forgotten and empty Just with pain filled inside Why do you can't see me die? Is it that hard to understand That I would be a friend and a good one If I just had the chance to start again To show you that I really love you Even if you know it It isn't the same I'll still cry in the night Will still try to find a way Where everything is falling apart, But it seems there is no way for another start...
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The pain inside my heart
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