You see the soldier, As he thinks about suicide, Taking all in to consider, All those thoughts. There was murder, There is more! See the blind man on the street, He always begs for a bottle of whine, He thinks about the past, When everything was fine. There was no justice, Never will be. See the mother and her child, With tears in their eyes, Hear them beg for mercy, The cruelty of life is wild, We all have thoughts, cold as ice, We wanna scream, we wanna beg, We wanna steal, we wanna hurt, We wanna kick,we wanna burn, Cold as ice, the truth Cold as ice, the thoughts. The world is a madhouse, Full of cold thoughts, Right around the corner, As people die, Wars are foght, Every thought, So cold and bloody, For money, power and still, Sometimes, when people speak openly, They melt the ice, And love shines. Melt the ice, those cold thougts, Away, warm your hearts and free your mind Leave those damn cold thoughts behind!
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Thoughts as cold as ice
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