You see me! You hear me! Do you know me? I have no choice, I run for my life, Do you see me? Do you hear me? You can't stop me! NO, because it's the race, On and on, without a stop, NO, because it's forlorn, On and on, without a trace, My heart is stopping, As I see in your eyes, As I fear your bites, But it's my last race, The race without a goal. I met you in a bar, Inside of a neon heart, We never understood, what atracted each of us, But we knew, we had no chance. No, because life's a race, Without speeding limits, Goes on and on, Without hesitation, Into madness or right after your dreams, Chose your direction, Wise, Without a compromise... You will stop me! Now! Because I want it, I saw in your eyes, What I wanted to be, I felt, as you touched me, What I wanted to be, And than... it wa sgone. Along the road to the final intersection, Where we chose, what we chose, Without knowing about the consequences, We just ran on, and on... Because life's a race, At fast pace, Black or white, if you just drive on, But when you stop, Take a rest, You will finde th color, In the flower, Of love and live, Along the race on the road of the eternity drive.
Veröffentlicht auf Life's A Race / 10.08.2004 / Gedicht Philosophie Bewertung/Kommentare Kommentar des Autors: We rush on and on in our life. Why is that, why?
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A little poem
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