into the mind of madness

step closer, come here my child, see this is for real, hear this is, what you will feel, when it creeps into you, when all is in your heart, the voices, tearing you apart. you wish it is the end, but it's the beginning, first the dreams, dreams of sinning, blood and gore, hideous things and many more, there is nothing to believe, it's for real. can you feel, can you see, into the mind, of madness, into yourself, when you understand, this is it, it's real, it's madness, but it's the truth. see all is a lie, we have only lies in our minds, this is the truth we are always stumbling about, we can't make us better, we have sinned, we are crazy, there's no shelter. so come, come to this place, into the mind of madness, where all is real, nothing can be denyed, it's the kingdom of our life, and it is ripe, the time is right, deep into your mind, the mandess rises, until all is on fire, feel this mandess, this desire...
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into the mind of madness
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