i n d u s t r i a l p h i l o s o p h y

this is the mood, this is the cold, we have been told, by the masters, that our world is built, we have what we wanted, we see what it became, but we do not suffer from the shame... this is what it is, a world full of cold walls, bloody from dying dreams, every day now, and when we sleep, we can't rewind, can't ragain nature, we reject what we were, industrial philospohy's everywhere... nothing shiny, nothing new, all just a revisited shape of forms, full of technical dreams, which became old, erased the world of dreams, passion and desire, we can't sense what it will become, this world is dying, we are scum, it's just the philosophy of the mass, without a choice of any new flavor, nowhere to hide, nowhere to run, we are in the middle, we are old, we have been told... it's for our best, so we die, just like the rest...
Notiz auf deviantart.com some notes from me for me science fiction, is the fiction about what we fear, what we want and also, what could be. this picture here I inteded as a mood amplifier for my project "REVOLUTION DAY" which should be a sci fi novel, about the idea, that relegion is a simulated experience. in the future the goverments have been overthrown by anarchy and what followed was the desperate need for people to gain faith again. this lead to a project called HEAVEN. the idea behind it, is that in great virtual realities people can be in heaven, can revisit and join the lost relatives, who died. all people, before they die, will be recompiled into this cyberworld. but at some day, the people see that they are fooled, and hackers try to break into this "shard" and lock the scientists and watchers and controlers out of the system. it will be the revolution day, when the truth is told, when new power is regained... but still all this is in haze, I don't know really how far to go. I never was good with planing and for a novel I have to do this. but at some day, I will start this tale... what ever it will become...
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industrial philosophy
Poem for wallpaper; related to my Revoltuion Day novel project
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