Kiss from a rose

There she stands, in the field, looking up at the sky, There she sings, loud and full of happyness, There I began to see her cry. Kiss from a rose, is like the wind blowing around you, Sweet and herb, crisp and sharp, She's my rose, I want to feel her kiss. I want to feel her loving Kiss too. There in the field of roses we met, There under the moon she kissed me so sweet, There I asked her to show me all her secrets, In the bed of roses we slept. I want a kiss from a rose, I want to feel her, I want to have her close. She's my rose, she's my heart, It's not only a dream, It will never fall apart... But roses welk like a flowers always do, I fear it's time to understand, That we lost the power, As every night was spent. I will not say good bye, I will hope we never die! I love you, your eyes, your whisperings. I want to give you all you need, Want to show you so many things. A Kiss from a Rose started it all, A Kiss from a Rose, I never will forget, A Kiss from a Rose, made me fall, A Kiss from a Rose, never to regret. My rose, I love you, I need you, I want you, My love is true...
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Kiss from a rose
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