If I dream away

I heard her say, the end is near, My time is over, I heard them laugh, About my foolish things, about believes that were for nothing. But If I dream away? Can they still say, what they want? Have they the right to shout and make me angry? Is this still the world, I belong to? Or is it heaven, the place in the sky, Where hopes never die, Where time isn't precious, but endlesss, Where is no more such sadness? If I dream away, I wanna show you how far it can go, I wanna give you the sign in the sky, When the times of your sadness never die, I have endured so much rain and cloudy days, Have seen tears in the faces of angels, But never hoped to get away, To the place in the sky, Where nobody is forced to cry. But I know, it can be so easy, to get away, I wanna dream away, And if I do, who will be left here to stay? At the end of the world, Where madness and sadness come together, A tornado full of chaos that means only pain, No happy souls, only dirty rain! If I dream away to a place, Never known before, I want to take you all with me, Want to show there is still space for hope, Still a way with this world to cope! I know I can't never stay, In this unholy world, Where the sword ansers questions, Where people die by each others hands, That's, why I wanna dream away! If I dream away, Up in the skies, In the blue sea, Where I still can be, What I want to be. Will I be free like a bird, Have my dreams back and gather hope? At least, that's what I want to say, When I chose, To dream away...
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If I dream away
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