In the shadow of the undying mist, Under the bridge of doom, Deep in the waters of the unholy realm, Awakes something different, Something equally dreaded, by evil and holy, They knew it was gonna rise, Now the time has come. The Dragon, Mighty and full of power, His fire breath drying out the world, The water is receeding, The darkness banned by lightning and fire, But there is no peace, never, ever! He awoke, deep down in the canyon, The shadow of his unbelieveable figure runs over the world, Clouds explode on the horizon, His scream of venegance, The song of death, He awakes, with his burning breath. Life is a long story to tell, Now all will change, Everything starts again The empire is taken, the world broken, The Dragon takes the crown, Mankind enslaved, Nobody believes to be saved. The knights are crowding, discussing success, Swords are buckling, but nobody's ready for his death, They only lie and cheat, nobody is the right one to beat, The Dragon, They all will fail, Hail the Dragon, hail!
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The Dragon rises
Inspired by my latest artwork
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