Behind the window

The birds have flown away, The world is so silent, But you want to throw yourself away. There is nothing out there that holds you back, Rain is coming down, like a shiver, You are behind the window, All your life, all those days, But still, the memory stays, The past lingers inside you, It's runing like a rainy river, And you are on the nightmare track. In your eyes, those diamonds, is sadness glimmering like a jewel, And tears should come down those lovely cheeks, But the time is over, you are out of that, You've lost that feeling, the love is gone. Behind the window you stare, Into the emptyness, There is nothing there, Only rain, Comes down all the time, Drops of sadness, And there's nothing there. Everywhere in your heart it aches, The sharp coldness of a dying fever, You've lost your love and life, There's only rain, No cause to survive. And as you open it, you can smell the rain. As you stand in the window, You know it's time, You make the final step, Into the air, Away, away into the rain, Gone forever, with all your pain...
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Behind the window
A poem for a picture
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