Special thanks to the Low Caliber Club & in particular Impaler! Your mighty power of war, You have killed so many men, Have done bloody work, Every swish was a promise of death, Every last breath, was lost, In the moment, as the blade cut A life and hundred of souls are done, than thousand, it's the end. Now the blade is dark and red, It's at the top of the highest mountain, A legend of itself, A tale of blood and gore, Warriors are nevermore. But you still hear the whispers, Of silent screams, when you grab the sword, When you swing the blade in the moonshine, You remember all and nothing, Cause in a way war seems divine. Cut the throat of your envenom, Destroy your heart with rage, It doesn't matter; it's always the same, It's always an age, Of death and war, of the mighty blade, A sword full of anger and bloody compassion, And honor not forgets to mention! But who cuts the men? Who brings them down? Which power is it now? As you lie in the grass, Your breath becomes the last, Defeated by your anger, Destroyed what there was. And still the sword is glomming in the fading moonshine, Always remembering of battles that were meant to help, But only offered suffering. I can't stand this anymore, I take that sword, One last time, Take my soul, Because it was mine. And when I die there, the sword still standing - arise, A deadly wish, I see my friends, not my enemies, and understand, What I've been fighting for, Was to make a stand, To hold of the enemy, That just seeks my blood, gore and wants my life, But couldn’t understand, what am I, what we are! They lost the moment they killed the folk, My friends, my life, my family, Is gone. Still remains the sword, Metal of honor, Meant to bring death and peace, But never, believe it -- relief...
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The last sword of the warrior
Inspired by the movie ″Last Samurai″
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