Watching the wheels turning with unhappyness

Well you walk along the road, Watching the world go by, Talking to him or her, But nobody really sees you. And when they see you, they laugh at you! They only see you hair, but not your mind, They never watch your eyes, Always thinking, your not of their kind! I ask myself, those people would they read your books? Those people, are they only interested in your looks? When you aren't like them, like 0815 everybody, They never seem to undestand. And my heart, takes a break, with every laugh. So watching the wheels turning with unhappyness, Is all I can do. I'm not happy with that, But why should I change and to what? I'm just me and me is just I, I have seen so many unkind things in my life, Have felt pain in heart and mind, But always tried to start again, But why never does it ends it? Why always happens it again and again? When people read my works and see my art, Do they think about the guy who did that? When I walk along the street, Do I exchange glimpses with people and do they smile? Seldom, is the answer, and that's no lie! They always just see through me or start to whsiper about my hair. I know this is kinda crying on a wall, But I have to, because I never understand it at all. For those who see my art and who read my stories, lyrics and poems, I'm gratefull, but when you walk along the street, try to see poeple in the faces, Try to speak, Because they are not what you think! They can make you laugh and cry, but it takes much effort to let that happen. Try it, I will do it again, I promise you!
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Watching the wheels turning with unhappyness
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