When the angel awakes one last time

Morning is due, Time is senseless, And you just lie there In your bed, in your shelter, Dreamin of things long forgotten, Hope is surrounding you, like a wavering ghost. Sleep is just far away, Your thoughts are with you to stay, Forever, like your dreams, You live in a world, Where nothing is like it seems. They see your eyes, But not your beaten soul, They feel your breath, But never will kiss you the way you want to be kissed, Because they never understand, That love is more, so much more, like the morning that brings the burning sun. They always touch you, but not your heart, They wanna use you, until you fall apart, They are eager to form you, To their only use, which is not what you wanted, what you needed. So dream away, my angel, Fly way, forever, out of this cruel, cruel world, Stop trying to see in a world of darkness, Where hideous thoughts roam the streets of thousand minds. Believe in love, When the sun is burning everything away, When time is just the time to die, I love you, angel, And I wanna cry. I wanna rip this world apart!, Wanna shake them out of their selfish world, Because they lost the faith, lost everything, They don't believe in angels, They believe in beauty defined by CK or anything that sounds like fashion. Time is short, And we are using it off, With every minute, We have to kiss our world good bye, And I do this with you, In a silent cry...
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When the angel awakes one last time
Do you believe in angels?
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