It's time for a change, I left my childhood, Became a man, As I saw it happening again... Turn away from the past, Where sadness and shadows may last, Turn away from yourself, Get lost, be someone else! In my later years I was hunted, By dreadful dreams with dark eyes, Couldn't resist, touched the face, Opened the tomb, In search of holy knowledge. Turn away from the future, Where only darkness looms, Turn away from evil things, Be strong and survive. When it starts to call on you, Whispers deep in your mind, Words of dreaded tales. Shy away! Turn away, you unholy ghost! Turn away, those frightful eyes. Turn away your slobbery face. Turn: Death awaits, Away: My life ceases to exist. TURN the holy stones AWAY the world of bones And then? Silence... just silence.
Veröffentlicht auf www.literaturzone.org Turn Away / 25.06.2004 / Gedicht Lieder Bewertung/Kommentare Kommentar des Autors: Hab Lied gewählt, weil irgendwie nichts passt ;)
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Turn Away
Turn away, when darkness calls on you
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