I forgot how it looks like, When your dreams come true, When the sun is shining throu. I never lost my faith, For being alive, being myelf. But there are so many different books on my shelf! Staring into myself, Hearing music from a distant time, Reading books which are full of dreams; Staring into myself, I can't help falling in love, Fearing my world of dreams could die, Staring into myself, I begin to cry! I always knew what I want, Even if there was nothing I could have, Still so many books on my shelf -- I forgot how it looks like, When dreams die, Because I could have it all, Never lost my faith, For pushing on with my life! But when I stare into myself, I realize all my lies, All the dirty tricks, That I did, Which I wanted to do, But that's not the way to get throu! Staring into myself, I see something new, Something old, Hear a certain word, which was never told. Thruth is lying there, But the lie is everywhere! So trust yourself, Be yourself, every minute, Every hour, Because then you will get THE POWER: To be yourself, To read not only books from your own shelf, To understand days and night, Because you're not always what you are looking like!
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Staring into myself
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