Here I came from down below and see those sad figures, Here I stay and watch blades cutting into dreams, Why I can't see faces full of pleasures? The Wall of Counted Sorrows is standing for centuries; It counts endless and without mercy, It tells from rotten fantasies. I see a motherless child praying and crying, I see the father shooting in the war, I see no mery and and only dying. The Wall of Counted Sorrows has words full of horror, The flowers are dead and without color, My heart is full of burning hate and screaming venegance, I haven't seen anyone here smiling, ... only crying! The Wall of Counted Sorrows isn't evil or good, It's only a place, that tells about things I never understood. Why nobody sees this wall anymore? Why nobody remember this place and its tales? The Wall of Counted Sorrows is the last chance of mankind, It's about the deep wishes and hates of all kind. Come to this place and prey, Read and stay, And maybe your pain goes away ...
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The Wall of Counted Sorrows
Lyrics (for a wallpaper)
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