In a land long forgotten and fallen to the blazing fires, In my dreams, when the darkness swallows me and my time expires, There is the Firegoddess looming on the horizont. I saw here standing against the wind, the flames are burning high, She was the goddess, that made the other cry. Hot was hear breath, and there only followed death! She came in the body of a phoenix, She crashed down like a metor, And nothing was like before. My land is only a dream full of fire, My heart is bumping with hot desire, I was the one who prayed to her. I saw the prohpecy of my country, I warned them not to forget about the legend, When the towers fell to the fire, They saw, I wasn't a lyer. The game comes to an end and, The time of the Firegoddes is at hand. I'm a burning soul there in the crypts of fire, I feel her hot love and her desire, I want to become a servant of her greatness, But all is getting into a mess. Time of burning hell has started, My face is tortured by the flames, My Nightmare full of screams. She comes and saves me with a last kiss, The fire is bruning through my body, The wind is playing with my hair full of fire, And I'm become a burning angel for her to hire.
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The Firegodess
Lyrics (for a wallpaper)
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