Well… let us just stay here in this place, in the air, looking away, into the world, into your dreams. Let me say, you are an angel, underneath all your broken silence, all those glimpses you give, all those words you'll never say. For me it's time to go, from this world, but you will stay. Please forgive me, I was a sinner, and now I have to go away. I'm looking up into the clouds, searching for angel, looking for someone, who wants to love me, just one time, just one kiss. But this world is like the one, I will run to, as my soul fades away. There is nothing, only dreams, that you keep all your life. You crave for something like a paradise, but the truth is, that it hides in your heart, right from the start, as you walk your first steps, as you become who you are. I never understood this system, never wanted it to be true. Now I have to go, looking for an angel. I know, you will forget me, that's how time is. It makes us fading away, and we can't resist. So let me look, up in the air. Let me see, that there is someone, somewhere. I keep looking and you know, now that I go, that when you look up in the air, it's me, your angel, watching over you. There will be someone for you in this place, up in the air, somewhere... I come abord on this lonely train, keep my eyes centered on the clouds, as I sit next to the window. I look up, but I know, it's a lonely place I have to go. I always hoped for the best, but as you do your failures in your way of life, you know there will be no one, nothing, that awaits. But now, as I go, my loved one, I will wait there for you. As long as you look up in the clouds you will feel, I'm there for you. I will not go! I always take you in my heart, as I hope you will do the same. Life seems to be a game, day for day, on and on. But we have so many choices to chose from, and we always seem to take nothing else, but the fastest. In my life, I have seen so many places, but never felt at home. But when you will have to go, up to this place, you don't have to look for an angel, because I'm there, I will wait. Death is not the end, but it's not the start of something new either. So do your best on this world, get ready for the other one up in the clouds. Paradise is just synonym for easy lies, because in our lives and death we have to earn our place, we have to work and have to chose and always will wish, it wasn't the worst. I know from deep of the bottom of my lonely heart, that I can't go, just like this. Take the train into the tunnel, where everything goes, that ceases to exist. But it's the way of life. After darknes, like night and day, will follow light. After rain comes the sun, I will wait for you there. I wish you could come with me, now and we could be together, always. But this wasn't meant to be. We had to go our lives. Mine ended as I chose to stick with the devil, just for one evening. Yours is still open, full of possibilities and whenever you seem to chose the false direction, I will come into your mind, kiss you, and treat you right. Will show you what is best for you. Nobody guided me through this world. For this, there is a family. But I was a lonely soul, nobody looked after me. Even you ignored me. But now, that I entered the train, I can hear you all talk on my grave. But not you, my angel, my love. You are staying there in silence. Drops of sorrow under your eyes. So take my advice. Never let go your hope. It was my false choice. It shouldn't be yours. I'll wait. So keep looking into the air, for an angel. I will be there...
auf deviantart.com: ⇒ (Text was done out of the blue Pic was done by passion and fun ) Looking for an angel (2007) - mnebeling.blogspot.com
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Looking for an angel
A somehow spiritual touched text to a picture of mine
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