Illusions in a Window

Take me home to that place, higher and higher, in the tower, where all our dreams reside. Take me away from this world, into the dream, where nothing but emptyness awaits, and where we can grow with our dreams. There is a window, I saw it in my dreams, in the nights, when I slept away in this new world. Let's dance up in the sky and see what will never come true, just tonight, just for one breath more, and I will say it nevermore. But you say, it's all just an illusion, an empty thought, a desire for a better world. Why can't we start over again, can't be friends, can't be the same? I feel the power, and when I stand at this window, I see this paradise world, the sun is burning. I long for all this, up there in the tower of Illusions. I want to be one of those Illusions in a window. So take my hand, lead me on, I will follow you, without a word. I close my eyes, to see for the first time, what I always felt was always there. Now here in the tower, I can see higher and higher. In the clouds there is a city, full of angels and ghosts. And this window here is the last entrance. But you damn them all, they are just illusions, lies you cry. But can't you feel those whisperings on your skin, as they come closer here on the window? I see those ghosts. I know they are there, I can feel them. And when I break through the window, I know it's time. We will be together. Illusions and dreams, is all what we have left of us. Illusions in a window...
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Illusions in a Window
A little story/fragment to a picture
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