tears for the moon (unpolished version)

I can cry but still you shine I can go away, can die ...

tears for the moon (polished, blue version)

This was the final version, but I somehow liked the rare version more. I decided to load both up. Hope noone is offended...


I can cry and still you shine I can go away, can die But still you are there, Still your light is glimming in the night, Like everything is still all right. I try to hide away my tears, I can't fight no more all my fears, Truth is taking me apart, And your, the dreaded moon, You will never depart. These tears I cry are for you, These fears I have are never going away You left me alone, you forget to shine my way, I've gone astray, I've fallen and became nights forlone prey. Take my salty diamonds into your heart And shine for all those fallen angels, Because if you start to do like I say, I will accompany them and be with you, Like I always wanted to do...
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tears for the moon-blue
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