~ If flowers fade, where will love go? ~

In my little room, All is filled with rain, I remember the scent of you, But I still feel the pain. I see the flower in the window, I remember all the good times, But still the rain is there, knocking at my heart, Baby, please, why can't we start Again, being loved, Again, being kissed, We are like flowers, But if all fades away, I can't take this anymore, I kneel down and prey. If flowers fade, Where will the love go, I can't stay alone, I have to find you again, My flower, my magic flower. The rain still falls down in my heart, And the flower, It faded away, I just stay here alone, Since our love is gone... And I ask you, in my dreams, If flowers fade, where the love will go? Nothing is anymore like it seemed before, In my dreams, I only hear your silent screams, We lost each other, forever. Until the flower grows again... But this time has not come yet, So I'm here at the window, With my fading flower, Waiting for my princess, And I know, it can't rain forever, I will find her, God, I take the bet!
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If flowers fade, where will love go?
Poem about love, done for a picture
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