When the rain is calling in your dreams

It whispers on the window of your heart, Words unspoken, worlds created and falling apart, You seem to lie awake in this dream, Where the rain is calling every night, And still you can't understand, Can't comprehend, All the meanings, lost in the sand. When the night is blue, Your heart becomes so heavy, You know it's true, That the rain keeps calling, And you can't be saved from falling. The water is cold, But still you can't fight it, Feelings and emotions so old, Keep coming back, And you can't deny them a bit! In the rain there is tenderness, Voices drowned in water, Lost in the darkness, All your dreams. The tide is getting closer, As you lay in the sand, You will drown your heart, Because noone ever gives you a hand! So close the final dream is coming, It looms on the sky, And as you fade away, You unserstand, noone will cry. There's just the rain.
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When the rain is calling in your dreams
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