Into the blue and gone

Water is cold, water runs everywhere, It touches the body, it's pressing you down. But still you breath, still you're above the wave. There is hope and all seems to work out. Until the first shout, Of pain deep inside, Down in the water death awaits, It comes silent, but you scream, Sometimes it's in your dream. Still you are on the sea, Swimming and running away, Into the depth, out in the blue. They follow you, with the harpune, You can't get away, They have all this tec, But you're just on your own. They make you drowsy with all the roar Of the motors in the water, They'll get you sooner as later. But you swim still for hope, Into the deep blue, Away from them this time, And when you come onto the surface, They'll find you again. You never had a chance, And it's always the same race, Die and go away, They seem not to need you, They just want to make you into something else, Into soap, to wash their bodies and maybe the blood from their hands... They'll cut you with the knife, as you breath your last, They have no fear, they know you aren't too fast, You will die, and it's just fine for them. But tonight this little wale just died, And nobody really seems to think about it, Our world becomes so crowded, so satisfied, And when we see this little thing die, Maybe someone will cry. This time maybe, But all the other times, media is not aware, Killing wales than is just fair, It's business and business is war, Blood and gore, We dont care anymore. So we make you die, Everyday, when the water turns red, We don't see it anymore, Because all we know is, It happens...
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Into the blue and gone
A poem about London's wale
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22.05.2006 15:52 Anonymous: deep sadness, large anger caused by this poeam, caused by the terrible sound waves of the sonars running through the sea and giving me the creeps...thank a fan