Sacrifice the world for the dreams of tomorrow

We see the world turning every day The sun comes up and we smile But our dreams just go away They drown in everyday problems Going down the alley of bad days When you feel like dirt When you scream in your head for a change Because you′re sick This all is happing every day When the world is turning and turning Burning our dreams Those sacrifices for the better tomorrow Away But what is left, when we just go on and on? We haven′t understood to achieve the goal To catch those dreams of tomorrow But we hail and sacrifice our dreams Since that′s what pushes us forward This isn′t a story, it will not last It is no lecture There isn′t much to learn It′s a thought Turning in our heads In the nights when we lay awake in bed When we postpone our dreams for a critical thought They arise like demons, come and make us shiver The answer Those voices in our heads is turning our blood into cold water When I see the old man on the street I ask myself, what his dreams are Those sacrifice he makes everyday Was it his work, the day for day routine? Without a purpose, except to get some money To sacrifice it for dreams he will not get fulfilled by himself? We need friends who help But people shying Because every desire, every wish they have, is turning their minds Into machines Which seek the g-o-a-l: The great dream / The freedom They will never have I don′t know what this is Is it to blame Is it just turning words into melody? My life is what I want it to be You have the same options But sacrifices are rare Don′t give away your world easily! And now on the street As you walk and see the tears in the eyes of the lost Don′t shy away / Don′t shy away Try to find your way to make them happy May it be a laugh A smile A comfort giving word ... Or two? Just be Like you want And receive the payback The world is yours to share and sacrifice For the dreams / Dreams of tomorrow
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Sacrifice the world for the dreams of tomorrow
Poem for one of my digital artworks (same title)
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