The Tower of Insane Dreams

Did you glimpse the light? As it was shining bright, From somewhere far away, Shining deep in your heart, It was part of a dying heart, A soul, where the light came from, Was whispering from a tower, Where you can find the unholy power. Another night came and went, Nothing happened, But I saw the light again, As I was lying in my bed, Dreaming of a world long forgotten, About a tower, where the keys are lost, Where souls are broken, Where dreams are about the unspoken, Desires, Minds and Art, Where nothing, that is not of substance, will fall apart! The Tower of Insane Dreams broadcasts, All those forbidden thoughts, Deep inside you and me, When you hear those awfull words, Which are daring me! I came to that tower, Went from the now to the nothing, Into a dream, forelorn and insane, Walked up the thousand steps, Saw faces of dying souls, But the unholy light was still shining bright. In the top of that tower, Is a snake and a roseflower, If you take the snake, if you ask for power, You are insane! Take the flower, You will see everything, That is beauty and sane. But never be there too long, Because death might stalking you, Taking you away, Putting a spell on you, To be a soul, In the Tower of the Insane... ... dreams?
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The Tower of Insane Dreams
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