I'm standing there in the light, My eyes are burning in the nothingness of my life, I can only see this stairway, leading up, leading somewhere, I'm hunted by fright, In my life, all was denied! These stairs, leading up to heaven, But what's waiting there? Paradise is just a illusion, my life is chaos with tears in between, I have no power left, I feel so lonely, But I take the step, this final step, this last way of hope. I can't see anything, but light and clouds, I remember all my hopes, all my feelings, I have no ideas, no creativity left, I'm out of anything, I'm done and still bleeding. I climb the stairway to heaven, As my life bleeds away, I seek only wisdom, want to understand, Why I couldn't have what I wanted, Why all was so blury, so nonsesense. Feelings are deceiving, I'm sick of it, But I'm still climbing. In my hands the flower, Symbol of creativity and hope, of love that just never existed, My love is gone, My heart is burned, My feelings are forsaken. I climb, climb forever, All the stairs to heaven, Trying to find the last resort of hope. And at last, I reach the gate, which is closed. I stand here and pray, with the flower, I only seek for knowledge and power, I'm gone, I'm fading, my life is over, My dreams crushed, As the flower begans to change the color, For my death. I'm prayin' here, forever, Watch over the lost, of my people, And when you need a kiss, I'm there, but you are not wanting, You're only claiming, that it was not meant to be. I sit on the steps, wait forever As I understand, that my life isn't over, Not yet. I have to find another way, Have to see the light again. And I will, Bye Bye... love...
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Stairway to Heaven
Lyrics for a wallpaper
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