When I walk along the street, Down the alley, down in my darkness, I can see the Memories in the windows of the skycrapers looming above me, Than I begin to shiver, begin to cry, I begin to confess. She was the girl, I had met first on a busstation, She was the girl, who broke my heart, She was the girl, who brought me frustration. When I dropped by at the little bar, Where we met so many times, I can see the face of her in the window of the pub, Than I begin to see the Mirrors of my fading Memories, I understand than, that they are only Hunting me like deadly flies. She was never there, I only imagined her face, She was never my love, Never real, She was never there, I only dreamed about that place. Mirrors of fading Memories are everywhere, In the windows, in the lights, in the music, Mirrors of fading Memories starting me to scare. Why I heard that word, that sentence? Why I loved her so much, if she wasn't real? I found the entrance, to what? To madness? Every day is lost without her, With every hour all begins to disappear. The sky is full of Memories, Her Voice is hunting me, Like the Mirrors of fading Memories. But than, as the day is dying, I saw again another mirror of my Memories, When I was there almost crying. Mirrors of fading Memories are everywhere, When I watch TV, I see her face, When I try to sleep, I hear her voice, When I die, I say Janice. As the car rushes past me, For one second, I know it's her. So I'm lost in the Mirrors of fading Memories, I never give up to find you, Janice...
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Mirrors of fading memories
Lyrics (for a wallpaper)
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