The eyes are flashing in the darkness, Just for one glimpse, We can not understand what will happen, But it stalks, it hunts, it's there, It's the FEAR! We have no choice, We have to accept, What we created, what we made, Our sins are our passion, in the land, that we adore, Where hell and heaven is no more. Only fear exists, in many shapes, Only death is the end And still, We can not understand! Fear, it's near, it's there, It's hididng, coming, crawling, There's no breath left, Where, it's not to late, We meet our fate. Fear, when you see in those eyes, Fear, as you understand, what we shouldn't Fear, soon, as the darkness surrounds you. Fear, wrestling with your hopes, Fear, black, death, no matter, hip, cool... down... you fool! Fear is the medias last resource, Answers are not what we seek, Fear is what we get, Fear is what comes alive, Fear is everywhere, Fear is drowning your dreams, But it's fast, it's endless... it gives you the creeps. Do we regret what we have done? No, we haven't achieved our goal yet, But those fears are real... Fear is the antitode of life, Fear is not what we think... Fear is what we try not to guess, Fear is stopping your last breath! Again the eyes are flashing, Darkness everywhere, Any sounds are absent, Your life seems spent! Fear was there, as you felt hope with that secret, Fear was there, as you took your decission, Fear... always, everywhere... it's there... It's YOU!!!
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A poem about fears...
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