-= Eye of an empty Soul =-

As I walked along the street and saw that girl, She smiled but her Eye, the one under that scar, Was the Eye of an empty Soul. She talked with me as she waited for the train, I stand there and was crying inside, In her Eyes I saw sadness rain. She said she was doing good at work, And I knew she was lying, The leaves whrinkled along the curb. She was a lost soul, who had nowhere to go, I feared her eyes, I couldn't stand that pain, The Eye of an empty Soul, I thought again. Than as the bus arived she blew me a kiss on the cheek, I was crying as she drove away, I knew she was gone and I felt so weak. I knew her from the past, I thought, She was the lonly soul, with that Eye, so cruel, She had the dead Eye of an empty soul. Days later the black headline spoke it out, A Girl sprang from the bridge into death, So here I stay, ready to shout. We all have those eyes, But why nobody cares about? Only when you get the eyes so cruel, Eyes of an empty Soul... NOTE: These lyrics lead to the Short story "Abschied" ( http://www.badfinger.badnbrain.de/Abschied ) Veröffentlicht auf www.literaturzone.org
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Eye of an empty Soul
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