Time to say goodbye, Just at the minute, As your last breath blew out. There is no time left, No words to spare, Darkness comes, Hello my old friend... I have seen so many sunny days, Watched children play, With dust and dirt, Our crumbled world, Time is over, Darkness comes, To swallow all. Darkness, so black and full, No light of the moon, Sun forgotten, In shadows, lay the rotten. Thoughts, from which I hide, Begin to arise, Answers die, questions cease to exist, Darkness is all, We can't resist. Darkness comes, On whispering soles, Taste it, Feel it, Hate it, Drown in it. Your heart stops, Breath is just a fading thought, Darkness is all that matters, Our time on earth is so short.
Veröffentlicht auf www.literaturzone.org Darkness / 28.05.2004 / Gedicht Philosophie Bewertung/Kommentare
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When darkness comes...
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