We can see nothing, because darkness came from nowhere We can here everything, that we never wanted to hear, We have no choice, just listen and standing blind in the wind, Choices are forgotten, remembered is only death, Between the time to breath. It came over the world without warning, First there was only sickness dawning, Bodies are lying now everywhere, We have no choice, but to accept, Between the time to breath, Death became the now, life the past. You saw it, at first there was only that disappearing of workers, Than as the time rushed on, as clocks ticked hours left for noone, That the virus was raving, killing everyone. Between the time to breath, You see your kids dying, because of rage and continously denying. War is now high tech, but it always was the pushing forward technique, This time it got all, got everything, Took every man, every woman in its stide. The lord of darkness is coming, Between the time to breath, And it was not just a big intrigue. It's the final stage, THE STAND is our last hope, that we remember, what we were, long before. So now, take the time to breath, Inhale your last power, get strong and fight! Fight for love, for power, and for the sun above. Push the darkness out of your mind, See hope, were is only access denied. BREATH, TAKE THE TIME TO BREATH, Because if not, There's only death! WE NEED NO WAR, NEED NO RAGE, We have enough problems, too much is wasted, BREATH, TAKE THE TIME TO BREATH, For surviving thoughts, and remember who you were, long before, as breathing was as easy as it should be. As you weren't surpressed to be not what you wanted to be, BREATH, TAKE THE TIME TO BREATH, Fight the VIRUS OF MADNESS AND WAR, Forever, never give up, Take the breath, and wish those warlods what they deserve: ........DEATH!
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Between the time to breath
Poem against war and death
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