Well I wanted to let you scream in my head, I wanted tp spend, what I had, But all is burning deep inside me, Fire, ice and bloody feelings, I can see only desaster, Can hear only falling bombs, As I hope that all this stops! But we are addicted to chaos, In a world without hope, The power is destruction, In a world without perfection. So let us sing and hail, To chaos, to murder and the desperation inside us, I can see it in your face, I can hear it in your screams, Chaos is all what we have, Chaos even in my dreams. It burns that deadly flower deep in my heart, As I saw all falling apart, I was addicted to chaos But let us stop here forever, Take that flower, remember me, As I was, as I wanted to be... Chaos swallows me in a whole, Death is crawling around us, Snaps and breaks our bones, We have no future, only desire, Working for the hideous empire! Chaos is the worlds only religion, When I see the smears of tears In faces of kids and the old, All comes, as it was fortold. Chaos, Chaos everywhere, In my blood, I can't make it stop... Shoot now without mercy, Bullets kick me inside the loom of chaos, Where I only burn, deeper in desperation, There waits no salvation...
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Addicted to chaos
Poem for a wallpaper
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