A Long and Dirty Road

Night is falling down, As the light cuts through the darkness, I can hear the engine, and know he's coming, But I can't run away. It's the long and dirty road, That I follow And he follows me, Everywhere, behind me, in the shadows, I knew, he was coming. Now I stand there, blinking in the light, As the car comes along, The long and dirty road, I see nothing, except the light, My bones are shaking, just a little, Because I know, it's time. The car stops in front of me, I see the shadow behind the windscreen, As the lights fade out, And darkness crawls near. The engine is dead, As we stand on the long and dirty road, The door opens, he's coming, with a grin in his dark face. "Need a ride?", he asked, Never I could resist, noded and stepped to the door. A moment later, the world was rushing by, The engine running, my heart was pumping up to my throat, We drove around, along the long and dirty road. I said, when I could swallow my fear:"So you are the devil?" I knew what he was and he knew that I knew, So all I got was a cold laugh, but that was enough, To say the truth, it was much more as I asked for! Silence between us, that is between me and the devil, As we drove along the long and dirty road, As the world began to fade on the windows, Where my life was forgotten, Because I had stepped over the last line, Now I was in the realm of darkness, The world of every night, In the car of the devil, Running along the long and dirty road. The road, always the road, We pay for every mile, And we see only a glimpse of the road, Can never imagine whereever it leads. But this time it's different, He's showing me around, On the road, The long and dirty road. I see kids with tears in their eyes, See mommys crying over their fallen sons, because of the war. See my father, with his dirty whiskey bottle, His grin is the grin of the insane people, Those are the people, so many people, that live on the long and dirty road. Finally he stops. The tires scream, the night crushes against the windows, and swallows us in a whole, I can see nothing, hope that I have understood what I have seen, Hear the devil, calling me, wishing me good bye. I awake in my room, upstairs the neighbor is calling for mercy, And I know, that I'm back, in my normal life. I understand now it wasn't time yet for the final ride. He wanted to show me what the realm of the devil was, And that I have to choose. If I want to be another soul on his road, The long and dirty road, Or if I want to live in my normal life, Becoming what it is worth to become, A peaceful soul, doing the best you can. Than you will not have to travel along the road, Than you have a choice, be what you want to be, And don't walk on the road, The long and dirty road...
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A long and dirty road
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