You can't just fade away...

How can stars shine, As my heart is in vain, What is behind your tears, As my dream disappears? How can I get along, Birds fly away, And I don't know where I belong, My hopes are cast away! Times of joy, times of pleasure, Nobody could stop us! Now there's only presure, Sometimes it's in my head, Now all my feelings: just dead... Your smile wavers in my heart, Why is that? What's the message, Of this failure of mine? Why can't there be a restart? You can't just fade away, Can't leave me alone, Never, ever, this shall not just go away, All my hopes... gone... You said I can help you to happyness, I tried, I really did as best as I can, But I failed you despite all my tenderness, Now it's just good bye, you just ran... Sommerflowers are only memories, Winter draws near, cuts deep, Forgotten our times of harmonies, Your face disappears in my sleep. You can't just fade away, That's not fair, not true! I really wanted you to stay, I really loved you. Your smiles, the black hair, Glimpses of sweet tenderness, Sweet dreams, love in the air, Now there's nothing but emptyness! I couldn't touch you, where you wanted To be touched, to be loved, I never understood that distant fire in your eyes, As they dreamed of former times, I was an angel, and you were my goddess, The world was our lovers spot, Behind the walls of dreams and love, In a castle built on desire and dreams, Now there are only these memories, Of your fading breath, Fading away, Why couldn't you stay? I love you, Ever will, Can't let you go, Can't let you just fade away...
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You can't just fade away...
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