When I walk along the shore, As my eyes begin the sun to adore, I think about art, Think about questions and answers, But what is there else? It's the heart that speaks out of art, It's life that lives inside the works, It's the sun that shines in its suggestions, And still we have so many questions! The shore of creativity seems endless, The ideas are washing on land, like forgotten memories, We have no time to collect all, Not so many do it earnestly, But those who do, They can see what art can do. Do you see those glimmering shells? Those answers strewn along the beach? Pick up one, two... more, That's about mankinds lore! We have not much time to say what we think, But with art, we can achieve at least a portion of it, We can try to say, what we want, Can try to cry, to sing, to draw, to write, About things that are not quite right, About matters, that should matter to everyone, Because at some day... all may be gone...
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Walk along the beach of creativity
A poem to the purpose of art
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