Letter from a Ghost

If you would see a ghost in a boat on the sea, would you scream? Or wouldn′t you worry, if your impression was true? What, if that person out there, was searching for you? Let me tell you a story, about a guy, who had to fight against the sea, searching for his love and drowning in the water, of his own dreams. It all began, like I asked you at the beginning. What if you see that boat out there and there's a ghost, whispering words in the winds, that push the tides to the coast? Woudln't you wonder, what he is telling the air? I was wondering, I was watching him and I couldn't run away, even as my hair began to rise, my breath began to fasten, as my heart was beating faster. I took a step forward, was trying to see more, as just that nearly invisble figure out there. But I couldn't. Than the first tide washed around my shoes. The Cold was grabbing me, and I wanted to get nearer to that boat, wanted to cross the sea, get on that vessel and far away. The reality became a dream, where all is just like a movie without the remote controll to grab, when darkness begins to surround you! I dared another step, deeper in the water. The Cold was creeping up my skin. My head was full of voices somehow, at least I heard so many whispers, so many wishes and there was something else, which I didn't understand. The boat bobbed on the water, the figure still nearly without any shape and color. But the voices became nearly unbearable screams. I sprang into the water, that swallowed me in the whole. I swam out there, nearly out of my mind. As I reached that vessel, I could see nothing but… me… It was my ghost, as I was the victim of a forgotten tale. There was a ship crossing the waters, many years ago. I was its captain, as I remember, but I lost it all. I searched for my love, as I became a ghost. I haunt the sea, for so many decades, searching for my bride, but never found any hope, never saw her smile again. Now I'm here to bring you all this message, because I can't go on this way. It's over, my journey, and my life alike. I want to tell you, that it was a nice life, but there was so many hate. But always, as I remembered that girl, my lovely wife, I was ready to survive. So please come to me, my love, take me away, from this undead, dreaded life! So, take that message, give it to her, if you see her. I will go in peace, my life was bad in many degrees. But if I know, when the sun is going down in the west, when the sea is red like a field of roses, that she holds that letter to her chest. Going forever, I know, is the best. Believe me stranger, for your own sake. The sea is like a beast, it can give you all the power, can give you many dreams, but also can take everything, by all means. NOTE There will be a better version. Maybe in German, maybe in English. I'm not sure, yet. This was inspired by a picture that I found on http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/3278793/.
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Letter from a Ghost
Little Short Story inspired by a picture on devArt
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