An empty heart is always stone cold

I saw a ghost on the highway, saw it laying there. It was like the mist on the ground, lingering there, waiting for me and I knew, it was time, I had to go. I walked this road, step by step, along the asphalt, through the empty world, wandering on and on, never really remembering anything. I was just like a wolf, which lost his pack. I knew there was something on the highway, somewhere in this world and as I saw the ghost in the middle of the road, I realized, this all was foretold. I wanted to turn and run, but there was no way to go. The world was an empty one, since I remember my life, since I was born. So I faced the fact, that all comes to an end. Every story has its end. Step by step, I thought about my life. But there was just emptiness. All the towns and villages, where I had lived, all was lost. The world was going to hell, and there where no means to make the pain go away, to turn the time back, to forget all about that. It was time to go, it was time to die. The ghost still was laying there. He wasn´t dead, he wasn´t alive, he was just the essence of life gone away, a broken soul, like myself, I was walking on the edge, so for such a long time and now it was on me to turn into a ghost. As I approached him, it was the horror. He had no eyes, just empty holes. And he said “An empty heart is always stone cold.” I backed away, stumbled and fell. He laughed; it was like sound of screaming children, who took a glimpse of the avatars of hell. “What is left? Where is the purpose of being alive, if everything goes to hell, goes away, no one left to tell…” I tried to fight the tears, it were the first since I was a child. The memories buried alive in my heart, like the love that I felt, back in the days, where the sun was still brighten the world. The ghost just told me again: “An empty heart is always stone cold.” As the tears dried, I felt the heart breaking. It was just a simple last breath, and I was gone. I left this world, walked on another road, where I know, I will met the ghost again. I know it′s always the same. Being alive is the way to remember who you are and when you meet a ghost, laying there in the middle of the road, you know all is gone to hell, you have died already. And this night, as you stay there, watching the ghost dying, you may understand, your soul is the essence of your being, your life is what you have and if you give it away, you will understand, that an empty heart is always stone cold.
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An empty heart is always stone cold
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