~ leave forbidden words unspoken ~

It hurts so deep, All those words for me to keep, Those memories buried in my heart, From the end, I think back to the start, It's a mess now, You cut me without a thought, I forgive you nevermore, I'm gone, so let me tell you, Leave forbidden words unspoken, So you will not leave someones heart broken. Leave them in the darkness, Where they come from and where they blong, Leave forbidden words unspoken, If not, I'm gone. It is like rain in my heart, Those words are piercing my love, I'm breaking into a shadowy thing, become just an afterthought, See, what those words do, They bring only the end, since now I know, I have to go... Background Information I wanted to do another face and deliver a message. This is the result. But even as it is the truth still right now I haven't to fear those words...
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leave forbidden words unspoken
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