auf This was an idea for a cover design for a metalband, but they liked another one more. Still have much work to do on the one they like. I like this really much and so I decided to make it into a sort of wallpaper.

Tortured Eye of the World

Do you dare to see, In the tortured eye, Where the souls scream, Where your dreams die, Where is world is in flames, Where is only hate and death, At least that's, what it seems. Do you dare a look in teh future, Burned into that tortured eye? No, you should, because soon you may die! I have seen the future, If we plan to go forwared, Taking all in our stride, Crushing hopes with shameful pride! Look into that eye, Until you begin to understand, The darkness, fire and chaos, It's all at hand! Remember the eye, When you scream at your neighbor, Think of the flames in the world, That take our dreams, Where your questions will always be overheard!
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Tortured Eye of the World
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