There in the distance of your heart, In the silence of a forgotten name, Where the world ends, and nothing seems to be same, In the possibility of endless thoughts, Deep in you, inside your hope, You will find the way to the Chapel, The Chapel of Dreams. In the night, when you think you sleep, As darkness surrounds you, When angels may begin to weep, For your soul and all the faults we do and do again, You will walk along the sea of dreams, Onto the steps, up into the heart, In the Chapel of Dreams. There you begin to pray, For the first time in your life, Because you begin to realize, Dreams are the essence of hope and what keeps us alive. Not those about money and luck, But which let us seek for something that only describes us better, That shows us the way to cope with hate, tears and fears, And everything else, that seems so unimportant, Begins to shine in your heart, When you pray, In the Chapel of Dreams. In the end we have to leave our dreams, At least thats what we think, But the truth is just, we exchange every dream For another day of hope and happyness, Until we are what we want to become, What we know allready is inside us, Everyone is special and knows the way To the Chapel of Dreams by heart. Just wait, listen and dream...
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The Chapel of Dreams
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