Declaration of my love

When the day grows cold, The night begins to unfold, Darkness comes into your heart, And everything begins to fall apart! Losing the world means nothing, Instead you take another sting, Where the truth is hiding, Without any denying. Tell yourself another lie, Dream of the vanilla sky, Everything is fine, Darling I only see the sunshine! But than it hits you in the groin, Deep, as you hear falling the coin, A raindrop in your heart, Tears in your face, Suddenly the world is a disgrace... I can′t deny anymore What I feel, what I understand, My life is getting out of hand, My heart aches from every minute on, I only wanted and want you, But it′s a dream, I say to me, Accept it now or never, Still I can′t, I will not fall, For the truth, It′s not what I want, Not what keeps me going on, Dreams are shining in our eyes, And deep cuttings are often the price! You may find your love, But I will just be there, Like before and like forever, I don′t wanna search anymore, Because I found what I was looking for! So go on, I will cope with everything, And when you fall on your face, I will give you a hand, I will make a stand, For your love, for your passion, Everything and Anything, I will not stop To love you... Forever!
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Declaration of my love
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