ECHOLON -- Dialogue of Memmories

These sounds of neverending silence, Hidden in the beat of bleeding hearts, Whispers of Saddness And still, I can hear your voice, I dont want it: never more, never; because it's all lies. But the dialogue goes on, It grows stronger with every tear I cry, With every moment that goes by And still, I remember all those words, And man, it hurts! The Echolon always shutters in my heart, The words are red and bloody, Your honour was just a lie, And still, I was loving you with my heart, That now falls apart. The time goes on, it flows by like a river, Tears may dry but scars still are visible, The wounds ain't forgotten, And still, I may do it again, Just to prove I'm wrong. Never listen to those words that are strong, Emotions can decieve you easily, But that's the game, And still, I dont wanna play anymore, I wanna go. The Dialogue of Memmories, It still rages on, Like an ancient war, Against your heart, To tear apart, Every good thought you had, Until all is dead. Never listen, never more, Keep your faith and fight, Take all with a stride, And still, You may fall, The Echolon of Dialogues, of Memmories, It calls you back to the past. Where all those memmories last. On, and on... There is no way to avoid it, Every step you take, You will face the memmories, And still, Remember, the good ones stay there too, Deep in your heart, Make them shine on, So the bad ones fall apart...
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Echolon - Dialogue of Memmories
Poem for my latest artwork on Deviantart
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22.05.2006 15:39 Anonymous: hard stuff, true words, big questions comming in my mind. nevertheless reading that means pain of the body an peace of the mind...thanks a fan