feel loved

the world is a wide place, we hide in our souls sometimes, but we want to feel loved, by mom, by dad, sister & brother, by a girl, by ghosts, by our friends, but the one and only truth is, that we wanna feel loved by ourself, to be concious of our self, to love what we do, every breath we take, every idea we have, we wanna feel the love, the warmth, and it's nothing wrong about, so I wish you, that you feel loved, today, tomorow, forever and ever, and ever, on and on, feel loved, and make others aware that you want that they feel loved! don't forget to take the hand, of that kid, that lies in the sand, with smears of tears on the cheek, make it feel loved, the kids need our love so bad, in a world where madness is the clockwork of hiding thoughts, we wanna feel loved. feel loved, we wanna be someone, wanna feel loved, kissed, cared for, not forgotten, just wanna feel loved...
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feel loved
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