heart transplantation

This is an honest work, and I can't really say, why I just wanted to make this now. For all who don't know, I got a new heart in december 98, and I'm as alaive, as elecetricity, I'm feeling powerfull, I have hope, creativity and I'm very gratefull for that. I'm certain you can guess that such an event is shaping your life and it shaped me, even as all my life I somehow here and there had to fear death. I fear death still, but I'm too alive to think about it too much. But we have to think about the time, when our lives are passing on to whereever that is, we are going to. I just would try to ask you, that you think about this. There are so many people in the world, who would need an organ, who fear death, as I did, and there is still the possibility, that next time it is you, who fears death. We have to talk more openly about those matters (but I'm aware that there are many countries in the world, where is is already so, that they are open to donation of organs), and if you are just think about, it's a great stepp. It' doesnt matter, if you decide against it, because that is your right and nobody should judge you for this. But those people who never think about... those who ignore it, they are the people, I fear for... because you know, life is sometimes chaos pure and it could hit you... that this is an issue for you, that you would come in need of a donation... This is not an artwork, with a political message, but there are so many people on the waiting lists, many die, this is the truth, and so I want just to make all aware, that it's a topic, that is important for us all. Be a donor, so you can also be a taker. I mean, if you are able to give, you'll also recieve. So remember please: DON'T TAKE YOUR HEARTS TO HEAVEN, WE NEED THEM HERE! For any comments, questions and so on, I'm will answer as best as I can. And please don't take this as a pleading, please think about it as an offering... With best wishes for your life, for your hope and well being, Marcel Nebeling a.k.a. Badfinger
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heart transplantation
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